We're waging a war on ugly.

The world we live in is fierce and ruthlessly competitive and this dog-eat-dog mentality has created a lot of ugly. Global leaders with ugly beliefs, powerful influencers with ugly behaviours, businesses with ugly practices, and some ugly ingredients going into our food. All of which means some ugly results in the way we treat each other, our environment and our health.

But globally we are waking up.  There is no room for ugly in this gorgeous world.

No Ugly Waste.

To demonstrate this purpose, we invented SWAPPA crate. 

SWAPPA crate is New Zealand’s first circular delivery system and our way of waging a war on ugly waste.  70% of all glass ends up in landfill so a SWAPPA subscription allows us to collect our customers glass and return it back to our manufacturer for recycling.  On top of this, our glass can be 100% recycled using only 40% of the energy it takes to create new glass.


While our wellness tonic will help you get back to gorgeous, we also want to help you, help us do things that will reduce the ugly and up the gorgeous for everyone. And isn’t that a gorgeous idea?

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If you'd like us to bring SWAPPA to your city, drop us a line at: r.rey@nougly.us